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2020 Jingong Emergency Rescue Fire Drill

This is the first fire drill conducted since the new coronavirus this year. Our fire drills are mainly to enhance the workers' awareness of safety and fire prevention, let everyone know more about the process of handling fires, and enhance their coordination and cooperation in handling emergencies. Enhance everyone's awareness of mutual rescue and self-rescue in the fire, and clarify the responsibilities of the person in charge of fire protection in the fire.

JingGong fire drill

As the alarm sounded, employees of various departments led the students to cover their noses and noses according to the evacuation route of the emergency plan, bent over and walked quickly, and quickly evacuated to the school playground. Subsequently, the leader of the safety team explained how to use the fire extinguisher and demonstrated the fire extinguishing process, and instructed employees to carry out fire extinguishing operations.

China JingGong fire drill

After carefully listening to the precautions, all employees conduct fire extinguisher operation drills.

JingGong fire drill

Every employee participated in the experience of using dry powder fire extinguishers.

excavator supplier JingGong fire drill

excavators manufacturer JingGong fire drill

How to use dry powder fire extinguisher

▲ Remove the dry powder fire extinguisher, hold the bottom of the bottle with one hand, hold the handle with one hand, and then gently put it on the ground. For safety, turn the sprinkler 45 degrees to the ground.

▲ Remove the lead seal and take out the insurance pin.

▲ When extinguishing the fire, stand on the upper side of the fire source. Be careful not to adjust the direction by hand when using it, and do not touch the nozzle with your hand.

▲ Point the spray head at the place where it is on fire and press hard with the hand to extinguish the fire after a while.

Jing Gong excavator manufacturer

excavator Jing Gong machinery fire drill

JingGong fire drill

Quanzhou  Jingong Machinery Co., Ltd. strengthened the awareness of fire safety prevention of all employees by conducting fire safety drills, so that they can further understand fire safety knowledge; at the same time, it also improved the ability of participating employees to deal with emergencies so that they can quickly Emergency treatment can be quickly and effectively controlled and handled after an accident occurs.

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