Heavy Duty Excavator

8.8 ton crawler mounted excavator with backhoe

For JG100L tracked excavator, we independently produced main parts like sub-frame, boom and arm. The superior steel material ensures a firm and rough machine structure. 
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8.8 ton crawler mounted excavator with backhoe

Jing Gong hot sale 8.8 ton chain type excavator


  1.The boom is formed by integral welding of the robot, boring on the back boring machine, and paraffin treatment, which can strengthen the robustness of the size ratio and extend the service life of the pin and sleeve, thus avoiding the welding breakage of the weld and durable.

  2.We also brought in rotary motor, multi-tandem valve, plunger pump and dual-speed walking motor from South Korea, contributing to a smooth and quick operation. The entire working efficiency has been remarkably enhanced.

  3.Reinforced working devices such as booms, sticks and buckets can ensure the digging force in the harsh working environment.


Main Parameters



Rated Power

Machine weight


Main Parts of Hydraulic Excavator

Optional excavator working devices of JingGong excavator manufacturer china

We provide more optional parts to complete more kinds of work. We provide a variety of work tools such as grabs, forks, pulverizers, etc. to meet your various application needs. In addition, a variety of fixtures are provided to optimize the performance of the machine. The auxiliary hydraulic lines are arranged on the base of the boom, making the auxiliary hydraulic circuit easier to install, thereby reducing the time, parts and costs required for installing work tools. 

Why Choose Us

1.Strict quality management produce effective and stable products to meet customers' needs.

2. Strict detecting system and advanced inspection equipment.

3.Professional sales team, quality inspection & report, maritime logistics guidance.

4.We grants our clients a twelve-month-period or 2000-hours warranty for any machine purchased from us. 

5.We offer perfect facilities and comfortable environment and can provide training services to different users.


company photo of JingGong China excavator manufacturer

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of wheel excavators, crawler excavators, sugarcane harvesters, sugarcane grab loaders, multi-function excavators. We have nearly 20 years of professional experience, and our products have been exported to many countries.

Workshop Display

Workshop display of Jing Gong china excavator supplier

Our company abides by the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first" to ensure product quality. We have rigorous production procedures, and each production process is carried out under strict quality inspection.Only after passing the inspection can they move on to the next procedure. At the same time, we insist on creating a neat, clean and safe working environment.


Process of excavator of Chinese excavator supplier (JingGong)

Exhibition Show

Exhibition show of Jing Gong excavator munufacturer


certificates of JingGong China excavator manufacturer

RANGE OF OPERATION Boom length 3830mm
Arm length 1900mm
Maximum Digging Reach 7000mm
Maximum Digging Depth 4320mm
Maximum Digging Force 60KN
Maximum Digging Height 6200mm
Maximum Dumping Height 4150mm
Back-end radius of gyration 2000mm
DIMENSION (Length*width*height) travel position 6500*2230*2660mm
Machine Height  2660mm
Wheel base 2320mm
Track Gauge 1750mm
Width Of Crawler 450mm
Width Of Platform  2230mm
Ground clearance of counterweight 820mm
Min ground clearance 360mm
TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Angle of rotation 360°
Machine weight 8800kg
Engine model YUCHAI
Hydraulic system working pressure 24Mpa
Hydraulic system flow 158L/min+60L/min
Variable piston pump 2*36ml/r+28ml/r
Rated Power 62.5KW
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Max Hauling force 58.5KN
Walking speed(High speed/low speed) 4.8/2.8km/h
Grade Climbing ability 70%/35°
Full circle swinging time 5.5s
Volume Of Bucket 0.35m3
Revolution Overdrive Pressure 20Mpa
Fqt Fuel Quantity  ≥6L/h
Capacity Of The Fuel Tank 130L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity  120L

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Leave a message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.