How can excavators prevent heat stroke?
Jul 22,2020

In the sweltering summer, people have to enjoy the cool, and the maintenance of the excavator cannot be less! Today, I will give you tips on maintenance of excavators in summer, so that your love excavator can spend the summer safely!

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1.Cooling and preventing air resistance
Excavator engine speed is high in summer, it is difficult to dissipate heat, and it is prone to running air resistance. Once air lock occurs, the engine will be difficult to start after stopping for a few minutes. The operator should stop immediately to cool down and eliminate the malfunction.


2.Prevent water shortage and prevent boiling
Observe the water temperature gauge at any time to prevent water shortage. If there is a "boiling" phenomenon, do not directly add cooling water. You should add cooling water slowly after the generator is running at a reduced speed and the water temperature drops to avoid cracks in the water tank when it is cold.


3.The fuel supply time should be appropriate
In summer, the oil supply time of the excavator should be adjusted. If the fuel supply is too early, the engine will knock the cylinder or even reverse rotation; the fuel supply time should not be too late, otherwise the engine may be weak.


4.Choose lubricating oil with high viscosity
In summer, use lubricating oil with high viscosity to improve lubricating oil performance and seal. When changing the lubricating oil of the excavator, thoroughly clean the oil filter, filter collector, and oil pan. Please choose genuine Bobcat accessories for maintenance.

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5.Prevent oil deterioration
Lubricating oil is easy to deteriorate in summer, which may cause failures such as burning bush and axle. Therefore, the crankcase and gearbox should be replaced with summer lubricating oil, and the quantity and quality of the lubricating oil should be checked frequently and replaced in time.

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6.Clean the oil on the engine surface in time
Excessive oil pollution on the outside of the engine will affect heat dissipation and affect the work of other parts. High-pressure injection can be used to clean engine parts with a cleaning agent that does not corrode the body parts.

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7.Reasonable use of batteries
In summer, the distilled water or electrolyte of the battery should be refilled in time according to demand (pay attention to its purity), so that the liquid level is 10-15mm higher than the top of the plate; when the excavator is not working for a long time, the battery should be removed and placed In a ventilated and dry room, charge it every 15-20 days and keep the outside of the battery clean.

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