What to do if the excavator is slow?
Aug 18,2020

The slow action of the excavator is divided into: single action is slow; the whole excavator is slow; the cold engine is normal, and the warm engine is slow.

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1. Reasons for the slow movement of the excavator
If the output of the hydraulic pump is insufficient, the relevant pressure can be tested when entering the service diagnosis system; whether it is maintained on time and whether the hydraulic oil is not replaced on time; whether the hydraulic oil circuit is blocked, please check the system pressure at idle speed, and check whether the return oil filter element is blocked phenomenon;
The output power of the engine is too low, and the power is insufficient. Please combine the DX data to analyze the output of the engine and whether all cylinders can work at the same time; check whether there is black smoke in the engine. If the fuel injector is severely worn, it will also cause the engine power to drop;
Insufficient pilot pressure causes insufficient opening spool pressure, resulting in insufficient flow, resulting in slow action; circuit related problems: excavator CPU, high and low pressure sensors, solenoid valves and wiring failures.

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2. The cold engine is normal, and the warm engine is slow.
There is sludge on the servo piston of the main pump conditioner of the excavator, and the swash plate cannot be adjusted. The main pump is always working with a small displacement and the flow is small.
The oil is too dirty and needs to be replaced; check whether there is copper debris in the oil filter screen, which causes the main pump to wear, and needs to be disassembled and checked;
The pilot filter element, oil return filter element and oil suction filter element of the excavator are blocked;

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3. A single action is slow, such as operating walking, reversing, raising and lowering arms, retracting buckets and other single operations, the speed is relatively slow. The reasons are as follows:
Excavator pump, low pressure sensor, multi-way valve failure;
The pressure of the relief valve of the relevant components of the excavator is too low and needs to be tested;
The related solenoid valve is faulty, and the spool is issued.

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