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Hundreds of JG-80L railway maintenance machines are stationed in Xinjiang

The Jinggong railway changing machine is neatly arranged and ready to be put into construction.

Since its launch on the market, Jingong Railway Pillow Machine has been widely used in Liuzhou, Qingzhou, Nanning, Shandong Weifang, Hunan Huaigong, etc., and has participated in the large-scale repairing project of Lijia Line and the concentrated repair project of Beijing-Guangzhou Line. Not only that, but also the power railroad changing machine has been exported to foreign countries. The products have been recognized and praised by customers with high performance, excellent performance and fashionable appearance. Undoubtedly, the outstanding product power is the foundation of the power railway pillow changing machine to win the market.

Jing Gong 80L chain excavator with sleeper changer in Xinjiang China

The Jingong Railway Pillow-making Machine is compact in structure, stylish in appearance, beautiful in appearance, young in vitality, light in operation and good in coordination. The machine has the characteristics of high work efficiency, high construction safety and strong practicability.

Working scene of China Jing Gong 80L crawler excavator with sleeper changer

Construction personnel use the power railway changing machine for pillow replacement

Located in the northwestern frontier, Xinjiang's unique climate is not for everyone to get in. There are the most varied and natural environments in China and even the world. There are “dry poles” with an annual precipitation of only 6.6 mm. There are the hottest fires in China, with a ground temperature of up to 76 degrees Celsius. There are the deepest frozen layers in China. The region with the lowest temperature in China - the absolute lowest temperature has reached minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Working scene of JingGong 80L crawler with railway pillows changer machine

Construction personnel use the power railway changing machine for pillow replacement

However, in the face of such a climatic environment, the Power Rail Pillow has demonstrated amazing endurance and performance. The Northeast Yuan team said that the Jingong railway changing machine did not disappoint us. In such a harsh climate, long-term operation, stable and reliable performance, more importantly, high work efficiency, can change a 400 kg to 500 kg in one minute. Heavy rail. Since the purchase of the Jinggong railway changing machine, the number of our construction team has been reduced by two-thirds. The original 500-person construction team, now only a hundred people, has greatly liberated manpower.

Jing Gong 80L railway chain excavator with pillows changer

Zeng Huashan, general manager of Jingong Machinery, told the China Road Machinery Network reporter that Jingong Machinery was the first railway to produce a railway changing machine, and the Jintai Railway Pillow Machine also applied for a patent. The use of the power rail changer function was greatly reduced. The labor intensity of the operators has reduced the construction time, and the work efficiency and construction quality have been greatly improved. As the professional level of users is getting higher and higher, in the future, the mechanical machinery will continue to innovate and upgrade the products, and optimize and improve the products from the professional perspective of future development.

Jing Gong 80L sleeper changer machine in Xinjiang China

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