Jinggong mini excavator, affordable and easy to use!
Aug 1,2020
After more than ten years of research and development, our products have been widely recognized by customers. As we all know, there are quite a few brands of small excavators internationally and even domestically, but why are customers willing to choose our smart small excavators?


  Advantage 1: High flexibility and wide adaptability. JingGong smart small excavators are compact, mobile and flexible, and are good at all kinds of pipe excavation, foundation construction, house maintenance and other operations. With the transformation of urban municipal construction from "large demolition and large construction" to "exquisite carvings", and the highways and other infrastructures that have been put into use in previous years have gradually entered the maintenance period, there are more and more small earthworks and construction The method is becoming more and more refined, which provides a broad stage for small excavators to show their talents.

mini excavator

   Advantage 2: It has a high return on investment. JingGong smart small excavators are cheap and cost-recovery quickly, and are many newcomers entering the excavator industry. Compared with other brands of machines-- SANY, XCMG and LiuGong, it has a great price advantage, which can save customers more investment costs and greatly shorten the cycle of customer return on investment.

small excavator

  Advantage 3: At the same time, the rubber track of the small excavator helps to reduce the damage to the landscape area and the road within the narrow construction range during the construction of the excavator, making the construction work more refined. At present, during road construction in many central urban areas, small digs can be seen everywhere in the narrow and cramped space, performing "dance on the tip of a needle". It rotates flexibly and works accurately and attentively. The JingGong intelligent small excavator adopts a design with a zero radius of tail rotation, and the boom is hinged with the fuselage, which can swing in a large range. Even if obstacles are encountered, they can be avoided without moving the fuselage, so the space is limited. The operator does not need to consider whether there are obstacles on the construction site hindering the rotation, so that they can concentrate more on the operation of the bucket and the movements are more precise.

rubber excavator

   Advantage 4: It is a versatile job. After installing various auxiliary tools, the JingGong intelligent small excavator can realize multi-functional operation. For example, it can be used to fill trenches and uneven compaction after installing rollers and plate rams; after installing breakers, it can be used for lightweight dismantling operations; installing rotary drilling drills can be used for drilling holes; installing fishing hooks can be used for lifting. After the finger clamp is installed, it can be used for cleaning work and so on.

micro excavator

  JingGong intelligent specializes in the production of excavators, small excavators, crawler excavators, small hydraulic excavators, and small excavators occupy an important position among many brands. This is mainly because our JingGong intelligent small excavators have too many advantages. Let’s talk to you about the advantages of the JingGong intelligent small excavator? Of course, there is a reason. The JingGong intelligent small excavator has low price, light weight, convenient maintenance and repair, flexible operation, wide use and high efficiency. So it is very popular in the market. Suitable for agricultural planting, landscaping, orchard digging and fertilization, small earth and stone works, municipal engineering, pavement repair, basement and indoor construction, concrete crushing, buried cables, laying of tap water pipes, garden cultivation, and river channel dredging projects, etc. surroundings. The company has been adhering to the principle of insisting on customer first and quality first to create value-added products and services for customers.
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