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  • What are grapple wheel excavators used for?
    2021-01-19 What are grapple wheel excavators used for?
    Multifunctional wheeled excavator wood grabber, as the name suggests, is a multi-purpose model of wheeled excavators. I believe that many parts of the domestic market have already been exposed to this kind of special machinery that has been seemingly omnipotent. Let's take a look at their outstanding performance in the market. In the 21st century, especially in the past ten years, the towns and villages across the country are undergoing earth-shaking changes all the time. The year 2020 is the harvest year for achieving a well-off society in an all-round way, and the latter is being completed in the past ten years. The sprint tasks, road construction, house renovation, and construction of a series of ancillary facilities are all in full swing. The renewal and transformation of the mechanized era always gives people a bright and overwhelming feeling under the impetus of the fast-paced society. All kinds of modern machinery come into view.
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  • what are wheel excavators?
    2021-01-09 what are wheel excavators?
    Wheeled excavator is an excavating machine with tires as a walking part, referred to as wheel excavator. The wheel digging has a fast walking speed, does not damage the road surface, can transfer by itself at a long distance and can quickly replace a variety of operating devices. The maximum traveling speed in foreign countries is mostly 25-40km/h, and most domestic ones are 20-35km/h. Jinggong's wheeled excavators can rotate 360° and adopt a special chassis for convenient operation.
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  • What are bucket wheel excavator?
    2020-12-25 What are bucket wheel excavator?
    Jinggong hydraulic excavator a self-propelled excavator that uses a single bucket to dig soil or ore. Composed of working device, turntable and walking device. During operation, the bucket digs a full bucket and then turns to the unloading point to unload the soil, and the empty bucket returns to the excavation point for periodic operations. It is widely used in housing construction, road construction, hydropower construction, farmland reconstruction and military engineering, as well as open-pit mines, open-air warehouses and mining yards.
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  • Jinggong fixture excavators are selling well!
    2020-12-19 Jinggong fixture excavators are selling well!
    Features of Jinggong Grapple Excavator: 1. Simple structure and easy operation 2. The key parts are made of HARDOX 3. High operating efficiency 4. Easy to install 5. 360° hydraulic rotary type is optional Scope of application: The gripper installed on the excavator can efficiently grab scrap iron, firewood and other objects, loading and unloading, sorting, etc.
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  • How to maintain JingGong excavator at high temperature?
    2020-12-11 How to maintain JingGong excavator at high temperature?
    1. Antifreeze To check whether the antifreeze has expired and needs to be replaced, the antifreeze is not only used in winter, but also can play a good role in avoiding boiling and descaling in summer.Genuine antifreeze can be used for 2000 hours, and general antifreeze can only be used. 1000 hours of use. Different brands of antifreeze are different, do not mix them. 2. Water tank, hydraulic oil radiator, air conditioner condenser These places are easy to accumulate dead leaves, or the absorption of catkin fluff, which will hinder the heat dissipation of the water tank, hydraulic oil radiator and air conditioner condenser, which can easily cause high temperature of the engine, high temperature deterioration of hydraulic oil, and poor cooling of the air conditioner. 3. Grease The ambient temperature in summer is high, the working temperature of the excavator will be higher, the high temperature will make the grease soft, the adhesion performance is reduced, and it is easy to be lost, causing the lubrication performance of the working device and the rotary device to decline or even fail. 4. Tire During the summer driving of the wheeled excavator, there is a hidden safety hazard of the flat tire. Always check the braking performance of the whole machine and cool the tires. When the tire pressure and tire temperature are too high, the car should be parked in a cool place to cool down before continuing to drive.  5, wading operations In summer, there is a lot of rain. When wading, don't let the water exceed the center of the upper roller; when working in water, don't make the excavator tilt at an angle of more than 15° to avoid water in the upper structure; the crawler tensioning cylinder must also be loose and tight (Remove the sludge on the cylinder to prevent the cylinder from rusting).
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  • JingGong participated in the 2020 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
    2020-11-13 JingGong participated in the 2020 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
    Today, the 2020 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition with the theme of "Agricultural Mechanization, Rural Revitalization, and Poverty Alleviation" opened in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Excavators exhibited by Jinggong include JG30S mini wheel excavator, JG75SS-9 hydraulic excavator, JG120S excavator and JG150S wheeled excavator with rock grapple.
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