mini hydraulic excavator
  • New machine test: shrub defoliators
    New machine test: shrub defoliators
    Today Jinkong tested the new machine we have developed: the bush leaf stripper. He is able to strip the leaves and branches from shrubs. A shrub with strong branches and leaves is instantly left with only the trunk and branches after the machine. It achieved the effect we expected! The following pictures are the before and after pairs of our test.
  • CTT Expo 2023,  Russia
    CTT Expo 2023, Russia
    Moscow Construction Machinery and Architecture Exhibition, Russia Exhibition time: May 23-26, 2023 Exhibition address: Klokus International Convention and Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia The exhibitors are mainly from Russia, China, Germany, Italy, Türkiye, Finland, Spain, South Korea, Belarus and Belgium. CTT Expo 2023 is the largest professional industry exhibition in Russia and Central Asia, and it is also the best trade platform for Chinese construction machinery enterprises to enter Russia and even Eastern Europe Infrastructure construction is an important component of Sino Russian project cooperation. The "Belt and Road" strategy provides opportunities for Russia's development and geographical advantages for expanding infrastructure cooperation between the two countries. The lagging infrastructure has become an important factor restricting Russia's economic development. Russia vigorously advocates the construction of the Trans Eurasian Corridor in order to improve the infrastructure within Russia. The Russian government has proposed a development strategy for the Far East in order to improve the relatively lagging infrastructure such as roads and railways as soon as possible, and actively joined the Asian Investment Bank to strengthen cooperation with China.
  • Warmly celebrate the successful delivery of JINGGONG - Bolivia agent procurement equipment
    Warmly celebrate the successful delivery of JINGGONG - Bolivia agent procurement equipment
    Recently, many regions of the country to fight back against the epidemic, Jin Gong actively do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work at the same time, make every effort for customers to deliver aircraft, after-sales service, create value for customers. Today, prior to the Bolivian agent ordered equipment -JG150S wheel excavator with multi peel Grapple for Grab the stone, grab the steel, grab the stone,After all the workers in the factory, we finally finished the production line and successfully completed the delivery. JG150S wheel excavator, we have introduced three core components of rotary motor, multi-series valve and two-speed walking motor, which provide a strong guarantee for high stability. Hydraulic automatic transmission ensures fast movement. Double cylinder boom, make the machine more stable, equipped with multi-flap grip, flexible machine operation, simple operation, simple maintenance, suitable for a variety of scenarios, used in open warehouse, railway freight station, port wharf, machinery manufacturing workshop, etc.
  • The first place among the best-selling excavators of Jinggong!
    The first place among the best-selling excavators of Jinggong!
    Jinggong specializes in the production of wheeled excavators, iron grabs, log grabs, grass grabs, bouldering machines with weighted front and rear axles, reliable transmission systems, imported internationally renowned brand hydraulic components and independent property rights of load feedback control technology, making hydraulic The system runs smoothly and reliably. The high-power engine makes the horsepower strong, and it is more handy to work.
  • Jinggong's feedback from Vietnamese customers
    Jinggong's feedback from Vietnamese customers
    The excavators launched by Jinggong Company are widely used in rural orchards, field nurseries, hills and mountains, as well as various engineering contracts, which facilitate pipe excavation, excavation of soil-filled ditches, and river dredging work.
  • Jinggong rail laying changing machine is on sale!
    Jinggong rail laying changing machine is on sale!
    The Jinggong sleeper laying machine can accurately lay new sleepers.  It saves time and effort and saves a lot of labor costs. The special rake first rakes the gravel under the track, and uses the upper clamp to pick up the new sleeper and place it on the track.
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