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"Small Machine, Great Action" Jingong Launches Railway Pillow Exchange Machine

As of the end of 2017, the national railway operating mileage reached 127,000 kilometers, of which 25,000 kilometers were high-speed rail, accounting for 66.3% of the world's total high-speed rail. With the rapid development of China's railway construction, in order to meet the needs of rapid, safe and efficient railway transportation, the railway station's engineering section needs to frequently replace the failed concrete sleepers to ensure driving safety, but the current way to replace the railway sleepers is still manual work. Mainly, the manual replacement of sleepers is labor-intensive, slow, and inefficient. In order to solve this problem, the railway sleeper replacement machine developed by Jingong Machinery (full name Fujian Quanzhou Jinli Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.) was born.

Jing Gong crawler excavator with railway sleeper changer

Jingong Railway Pillow Exchanger has a compact structure, atmospheric appearance, stylish and beautiful appearance, more youthful vitality, light operation and good coordination. The machine has the characteristics of high operation efficiency, high construction safety and strong practicability. It is understood that since the sleepers of the railway are made of reinforced concrete, the weight is as high as 400-500 kg. The manual pillow replacement operation is slow and the safety is low. The operating efficiency after using Jingong Railway pillow replacement machine can reach 20 manual workers. Each pillow changing machine can replace 1.5 pillows per minute, which greatly reduces the cost of manual management and improves the safety of operations.

China Jing Gong crawler excavator with railway sleeper changer

In September 2018, after a long period of research and development and thousands of tests, Jingong Railway pillow-changing machine was officially launched. Soon he participated in the overhaul of the pillow-changing project on the Li-Zhan line, and the pillow-changing machine of Jingong Railway played an important role. According to statistics, two "sleeper-changing robots" modified by Jingong wheel excavators completed the replacement task of 100 heavy-duty sleepers with high quality within 3 hours of blockade time, which improved work efficiency and ensured construction The quality is highly praised by the construction party. Not only that, Jingong Railway Pillow Exchange Machine has been exported to foreign countries and has been put into use. As a Chinese national brand, Jingong Machinery will break into a broader world overseas.

Compared with the large-scale foreign pillow-changing machine, the high cost of machine purchase, Jingong Railway's pillow-changing machine is short and sophisticated, the scope of application of the venue is wider, the transfer is more convenient, the operation is simple, and the cost performance is high.

Working scene of Jing Gong crawler excavator with railway sleeper changer

As the professional level of users is getting higher and higher, in order to meet the customer's demand for products, Jingong Machinery constantly innovates and upgrades the products, and optimizes and improves the products from the perspective of future development. Since its establishment in 1997, Jingong has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "survive by quality, rely on efficiency through management", put customers first, and develop and manufacture products that are popular in the market.

Real shot of Jing Gong crawler excavator with railway sleeper changer

Product power is the cornerstone of a corporate brand and the carrier of technological innovation and advanced technology. Jingong Railway Pillow Changer has been unanimously recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad for its high performance, excellent performance and stylish appearance. Needless to say, excellent product strength is the fundamental reason why Jingong Machinery can win the market.

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